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Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh supports the cloud adoption lifecycle so companies can enable cloud services that drive their innovation and growth without compromising security, compliance, or governance. As such, their Cloud Security Manager enables IT divisions within enterprises to embrace, enable, and accelerate the cloud services they need to safely drive productivity and innovation in their business. Skyhigh provides visibility, usage analytics, and policy enforcement.    1601 S De Anza Blvd, Suite 248 Cupertino California United States North Americas 95014 1.866.727.8383


Skyhigh Secure

Skyhigh Secure enables cloud usage and provides storage and services that reduce risk. For customers using cloud services such as AWS CloudHSM, Skyhigh Cloud Security Platform can function as a key brokering and distribution provider that enables the secure deployment and retrieval of keys for encryption services across multiple cloud service providers.  

Resources & Additional Information

Download the Skyhigh Secure and SafeNet Luna SA and SafeNet KeySecure Solution Brief