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TSYS payment services are tailored to meet the needs of the global marketplace, offering products and services that support multiple countries, multiple languages and multiple currencies. With a dynamic knowledge of international regulatory and compliance issues, TSYS® offers a premier service environment for financial services and retailers around the globe. TSYS end-to-end servicing streamlines and simplifies payments needs, enabling businesses to recognize new profitability from economies of scale and superior customer service. TSYS integrates with the Thales payShield HSM leveraging their PRIME solutions from the acquisition of Card Tech Limited.



TSYS Card Tech ONLINE, PRIME, and NCRYPT tools provide financial organizations with card issuing and acquiring and fraud prevention services. As part of their commitment to supporting financial institutions, TSYS’s PRIME solution is a leading cards processing platform used globally by banks and payment processors for issuing and acquiring services. PRIME Ncrypt is a key management tool and PRIME Fraudguard prevents fraud. PRIME® is built with a multi-institution capabilities and is fully compliant with all major payment schemes supporting a wide variety of payment cards and merchant processing features. Thales Luna Payment HSM integrates with these tools to provide ideal, rock-solid security reinforcements. Luna Payment HSM is designed for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and payment system processing environments, providing powerful end-to-end security for online banking transactions and applications for credit, debit, and chip cards. Unlike traditional online applications that use SSL, Luna Payment HSM encrypts data at the client’s browser and decrypts at the host, so the transaction remains secure from the point of entry through processing and authentication.