Using_SAC_CBA_for_Citrix_Linux_Receiver - Integration Guide

SafeNet Authentication Client Using SafeNet Authentication Client CBA for Citrix Linux Receiver - Integration Guide

Customers today are looking to desktop virtualization to transform static desktops into dynamic mobile workspaces that can be centrally and securely managed from the datacenter, and accessed across a wide range of devices and locations. Deploying desktop virtualization without strong authentication is like putting your sensitive data in a vault (the datacenter), and leaving the key (user password) under the door mat. A robust user authentication solution is required to screen access and provide proof-positive assurance that only authorized users are allowed access.

This document provides guidelines for deploying certificate-based authentication (CBA) for user authentication to Citrix Linux Receiver using SafeNet tokens. It is assumed that the Citrix Linux Receiver environment is already configured and working with static passwords prior to implementing SafeNet multi-factor authentication.