Busting the Top 5 Myths of Protecting Data in Motion-Webinar

Busting the Top 5 Myths of Protecting Data in Motion-Webinar

Fibre tapping is on the increase due to the high success rate currently enjoyed by cyber criminals targeting data in motion. A recent survey* conducted by Trustwave and published in their 2013 global security report, found that “Attackers were more successful at maintaining persistence and harvesting data in transit than they were at attacking stored data. Despite this a recent Spiceworks survey* of IT pros found that “29% of respondents are not encrypting ANY data in motion.”

Add to this that high profile fibre tapping cases are becoming public news and increasing, and all of this contributes to the real need to protect data in motion from cyber threats.

By protecting the data itself with encryption you render it useless to a 3rd party, but as with all technology applied to a business need, this brings about some common myths.

Join this live webinar and hear Stan Mesceda, Senior Product Manager, High Speed Encryption, de-mystify the top 5 most common myths about protecting data in motion, listed below:

•Ethernet is inherently secure/Fibre is not tappable
•VPN/MPLS/IPSEC doesn't affect performance
•My carrier is required to let me know if my data is breached
•Encryption is complicated
•Encryption is only affordable for the big guys

Then following this discussion, learn about the business and technology benefits of encryption data in motion.

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