Global Trends in Cloud Security: Gaps in Security Persist in a Multi-Cloud World - Webinar

Global Trends in Cloud Security: Gaps in Security Persist in a Multi-Cloud World - Webinar

Nearly half (48%) of all corporate data is stored in the cloud according the 2019 Thales Global Cloud Security Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute. However, despite the growth in cloud adoption, the study also found that there is a wide gap in the level of security precautions being applied by organizations and in different countries. Organizations admitted that on average, only about half (49%) of the data stored in the cloud is secured with encryption and only one-third (32%) believe protecting data in the cloud is their responsibility.

The reality is the cloud has created challenges in knowing where data is stored, who has access to it, and how to best secure it. In 2019, breaches like Capital One occurred because of improperly configured security or web and cloud applications. A major catalyst to address the challenges of cloud security are new government regulations and compliance mandates that will make securing multi-cloud strategies more complex. As a result, companies will be faced with more complicated and intricate auditing to demonstrate security and privacy best efforts in the cloud.

During this webinar, Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Eric Wolff, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Thales, will discuss the key findings in the global report and how cloud adoption and cloud security have progressed over the past several years. Join us to learn more about:

  • Which cloud services are being commonly used
  • What types of security technologies organizations are applying to protect data in the cloud
  • What types of data are companies putting in the cloud and which are most at risk
  • Which countries are more advanced than others when it comes to cloud security
  • Strategies for how organizations can best secure data in multi-cloud environments
  • The best security approaches to comply with regulations
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