The Blockchain Bubble: Identifying viable opportunities for blockchain- Webinar

The Blockchain Bubble: Identifying viable opportunities for blockchain- Webinar

Blockchain technology is popping up everywhere from the currency market to smart contracts. The growth in the technology is evident from the investments being made, for example, PwC estimated that in the last nine last nine months of 2016, $1.4 billion had been invested globally in blockchain startups. This stems from its potential to enable efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities based on moving to a decentralized approach and away from the current centralized systems. With all the hype around blockchain, companies need to cut through the hype and ask the question - when does blockchain actually make business sense?

Blockchain is not a silver bullet and cannot solve every problem. There is also the added complexity of managing the security of many distributed nodes can only be justified by gaining business benefits from using blockchain. In this webinar, we will look at a business qualifying approach to blockchain to help you evaluate valid blockchain use cases and identify the security needs surrounding blockchain operations. Join us to learn more on:
•Securing blockchain from the edge to the core
•The operational benefits and pitfalls of blockchain technology
•Our 4 step qualification process for blockchain business opportunities:
1.Is there an established business process?
2.Are there more 3 parties involved – i.e. is it a distributed problem?
3.Is it important that the data being exchanged is trusted and considered to be factually accurate?
4.Would automation improve the performance of the process?

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