Innovation And Security In The Digital Payments World - Webinar

Innovation And Security In The Digital Payments World - Webinar

Digital commerce is growing rapidly with new ways to make payments more streamlined (e.g., in-app payments). The drive towards improving the overall purchasing experience and ‘frictionless payments’ is forcing new security and trust models to evolve to meet new challenges and threats. Cards are no longer adequate to fulfill the continuing evolution of new purchasing methods. New trust models are necessary to secure transactions when the consumer uses an off-the-shelf PC browser, tablet application, mobile phone app, or wearable to initiate a purchase and resulting payment.

Please join Ian Hermon and Jose Diaz from Thales e-Security for a webinar to learn more about the latest innovative payment trends as well as the demand for security and trust behind the scenes

  • Hear about the latest trends in digital commerce and payment methods
  • Gain a better understanding of the security behind the diverse solutions
  • Learn about EMVCo plans for improving the 3D Secure user experience while making it easier for merchant adoption
  • Benefit from the sharing of use cases to help determine the best approach for your business
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