The State of Data Security in Europe - Webinar

The State of Data Security in Europe - Webinar

Digital transformation and the move to the cloud are fundamentally changing business operations throughout Europe – and are putting organizations crown jewels, their sensitive data, at risk. Traditional market leaders are driven to digital transformation by the opportunity for greater efficiency, flexibility and new business models – while also fending off rivals entering their markets with an “all digital” focus. In this session we’ll address the state of data security in European enterprises today, the changing landscape of risks to data due to digital transformation, and IT security pros priorities for data security today.

Based on the results from the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report – European Edition (now in its sixth year), expect to learn about:

  • How the adoption of digital transformation technologies, and especially cloud, is putting sensitive data at greater risk
  • The data security challenges facing European enterprises today
  • Critical analyst recommendations for how organizations can be most effective when selecting the right tools to protect their sensitive data
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