Thales 5G and UK Telecom Security Act

Thales 5G and UK Telecom Security Act - Solution Brief

Thales has a long tradition of providing security products and services. The Thales cloud protection and licensing division has provided operators, network equipment providers and other partners with:

  • HSMs used in secure element personalization, key diversification and local/remote key injection in manufacturing
  • HSMs used on platforms for on boarding, remote provisioning and authentication verification on telecom networks
  • HSEs used to secure latency sensitive connections between telecom datacentres 
  • Key Management platforms deploying a number of data at rest and application level encryption and tokenization for servers, storage and a number of enterprise software solutions 
  • Provider of secure elements and telecom modules to operators, such as UICC/eUICC SIM cards, secure elements for M2M use cases such as cars ECUs, tablets, wearable devices, etc.