Encryption In The Cloud (Webcast) - Webinar

This Cloud focused webinar is based on the Ponemon research that considers how encryption is used to ensure sensitive or confidential data is kept safe and secure when transferred to external-based cloud service providers. Together, Thales & Ponemon discuss important findings that demonstrate the relationship between encryption and the preservation of a strong security posture in the cloud environment.

Based on the research, organizations with a relatively strong security posture are more likely to transfer sensitive or confidential information to the cloud. We'll cover high-level questions asked and issues sought by this research including:

  • What percent of organizations currently transfer sensitive or confidential data to external cloud-based services?
  • Who is most responsible for protecting sensitive or confidential data transferred to an external cloud-based service provider? 
  • Is it the cloud provider, the cloud consumer or is it a shared responsibility?
  • Do organizations have the ability to safeguard sensitive or confidential data before or after it is transferred to the cloud?
  • Do respondents believe their cloud providers have the ability to safeguard sensitive or confidential data within the cloud?
  • In the eyes of respondents, does the adoption of cloud services impact their organization’s security posture?
  • Where is encryption applied to protect data that is transferred to the cloud?
  • Do organizations fully comprehend or even have visibility of the steps or measures taken by the cloud provider to protect sensitive or confidential data?
  • Who manages encryption keys when sensitive and confidential data is transferred to the cloud?