Look After Your Keys And They Will Look After You - The Five Steps To Sound Key Management! (Webcast) - Webinar

During this session we will look at the types of keys that organizations have to manage, and how the key management challenge varies across multiple use cases in the enterprise. We’ll cover developments in the area of key management technologies, new standards that are emerging and preview the results of a global survey on the use of encryption and key management practices.

Addressing virtually any of the current security mega-trends – government surveillance, privacy regulation, BYOD, cloud computing and big data - drives the need for more cryptography across core systems infrastructure and critical business applications. Whether encrypting sensitive data, strengthening IDs and credentials or digitally signing documents and software the actual security benefits you gain depend heavily on how you manage your cryptographic keys. 

Key management is not a simple task and it carries with it serious business continuity issues, real operational costs and is frequently a point of scrutiny for auditors. The days of using spreadsheets and thumb drives for managing cryptographic keys are numbered. 

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