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Thales DPoD (Data Protection on Demand) Certification Course - Online, Self-Paced for the EMEA Region

The Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) certification course provides a full overview of the platform, whether you are a service provider or a local administrator for your organisation. In this training you will learn about the DPoD marketplace, the different use cases, success stories and integrations supported by the platform.

The course also provides a deeper dive into the technology behind DPoD, showcasing the different mechanism for enabling advanced features such as high availability, backup, and user management. If you are interested in migrating existing cryptographic data to or from DPoD you will find the necessary information in this training as well.

This certification course also includes various labs for different user roles to help you better understand the operation and maintenance revolving around the DPoD platform.

Training Objectives:

• Introduction to the DPoD platform
• Detailed use cases
• Client configuration
• Roles in DPoD
• Product operation & configuration
• Hands-on application integrations with Active Directory Certificate Services, MSSQL EKM, and Docker.

This course is delivered as a self-paced online training.
Students will have access to the eLearning portal as well as to the online lab environment: Monday to Friday.

The cost is 1280 GBP or 1480 Euros per attendee.
Fee includes a certification exam.
SKU: #020200027-006
Partners are eligible for a discounted price according to their partnership level.

Registration Information:
***Due to limited seating capacity, each registration application is pending approval***
Registration approval requires a copy of a PO and a signed Cancellation Policy document.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The training dates can changed (TBC)

Location: Online, Self-Paced for the EMEA Region
Time: 09:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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