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This 5 Day, Remote Self-Paced certification course focuses on Gemalto’s KeySecure product suite, in particular, the available appliances, key and policy management, and an overview of the solutions for databases, applications, and file servers.

In this advanced course, students will focus on data center protection, including data center encryption, available appliances, and integration with databases, applications, and file system types.
Throughout the course, the student will achieve a deep understanding of key and policy management, and the process of database record encryption, encryption at the application layer, and file encryption using the KeySecure solution.
This session is followed by a guided lab session in which the student will install and configure the products.
Course Agenda
• KeySecure Product Family Overview
• KeySecure Solution and Key and Policy Management
• Overview of Data Center and Endpoint Solution Suites
• Solution Integration
• Appliances
• KeySecure Licensing
• KeySecure Database Encryption
• ProtectDB and KeySecure for Database Security
• Database Encryption Process
• Use Cases for Database Encryption
• KeySecure Application Encryption
• ProtectApp and KeySecure for Application Security
• Application Encryption Processes
• Use Cases for Application Encryption
• KeySecure File Encryption
• ProtectFile and KeySecure for File Server Encryption
• Understanding Access Policies
• Use Cases for File Servers
• Tokenization

**Due to limited seating capacity, each registration application is pending approval.**
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Cost per student is 1650 USD / 1480 EUR.

Location: Online, Self-Paced for the EMEA Region
Time: 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
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Online, Self-Paced for the EMEA Region
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