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This 5 Day, Self-Paced Online certification course focuses on ‎the CipherTrust Data Security Platform.

CipherTrust Manager is built on prevailing cloud-based ‎technologies, providing a cloud friendly, key management ‎solution. It employs a REST interface and a microservice-‎based architecture, allowing easy deployment and scalability ‎within your environment. With this new architecture, the ‎CipherTrust Manager simplifies administration, helps ensure ‎compliance, and maximizes security by providing centralized ‎management of keys, policies, and essential functions.

This certification course also includes self-paced lab sessions ‎in which the student will install and configure the products.

‎***Due to limited seating capacity, each registration ‎application is pending approval***
‎***Approval is also pending until a valid PO is sent***

Registration Information:
‎- Registration approval requires a copy of a PO and a signed ‎Cancellation Policy document.
‎- A purchase order is required using the following part code:
‎- Cost per attendee is 1710 USD / £1340.00 / 1480 Euro and ‎includes a certification exam. ‎

The course will be delivered by Yariv Drori – Senior Trainer, ‎Cloud Protection and Licensing, EMEA Region.‎


Location: Online, Self-Paced for the EMEA Region
Time: 9:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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Online, Self-Paced for the EMEA Region
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