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The SAS PCE (on premise) certification course is targeted at engineers who have completed the STA certification course.

This course is a comprehensive training session in which students go through the essentials of installing, configuring and troubleshooting SAS PCE environment. The majority of this course consists of hands-on and lab practice on the 'back end' of the solution.
Course Agenda:

  •  SAS PCE Server Installation
  •  Token Provisioning (focusing on the MobilePASS token)
  •  NPS Agent for RADIUS Authentication
  •  LDAP Integration and Auto Provisioning Services
  •  PCE server Integration with ProtectServer HSM
  •  Server Management (Licensing, Allocation Handling)
  •  Full High Availability Configuration (SAS HA Controller Service; Server Replication)

This course is delivered as a Remote Instructor Led training.
Students will have access to the eLearning portal as well as to the online lab environment during the training.

The cost is 1340 GBP or 1480 Euros per attendee.
Fee includes a certification exam.
SKU: #020-000217-001
Partners are eligible for a discounted price according to their partnership level.

Trainer: Marcin Chwedczyk

Registration Information:
***Due to limited seating capacity, each registration application is pending approval***
Registration approval requires a copy of a PO and a signed Cancellation Policy document.

Location: Online, Instructor Led for the EMEA Region
Time: 09:00 AM - 13:00 PM
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Online, Instructor Led for the EMEA Region
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