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Payment HSM certification course - payShield certified Engineer

This “Remote Certification Course” focuses on the main HSM types in use, namely the 10K payShield HSM.In this class, you will develop the knowledge and practical skill needed to set up, deploy, and maintain payShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and maximize the value of these devices for your organization.

Product administration, integration, and troubleshooting – The trainer alternates theoretical material with practice sessions that he/she will demonstrate to the students sharing his screen. The demonstration includes how to set up, use, and manage payShield HSM devices in your own environment—from taking the device out of the box to configuring a fully functional system. Topics include configuration, installation, key management, smart card management, disaster recovery, and maintenance. PayShield Manager & payShield Monitor is also part of this course.

Certification is granted upon participating in the course and passing the relevant certification exam.

Every session lasts three hours with a 30 minutes break; there will be four sessions in total, one session per day

Course Agenda :
• Payment World Introduction
• payshield HSM introduction
• Product Basics
• Product Configuration.
• payShield Manager
• Console Commands
• Client Configuration
• Host Functions.
• Product Management
• Product Monitoring
• Magnetic Stripe and EMV Technology
• HSM Use Cases

**Due to limited seating capacity, each registration application is pending approval.**

A purchase order is required using the following part code:
Cost per attendee is 1710 USD.
Partners are eligible for a discounted price according to their partnership level.

Location: Online, Instructor Led for the APAC Region
Time: 10:00 AM - 13:00 PM
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Online, Instructor Led for the APAC Region
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