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Thales CipherTrust Manager Professional Certification ‎Course - Online, Self-Paced for the APAC Region

This 5 day, remote self-paced certification course focuses on the CipherTrust Data Security platform and its integrated solutions, including CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager (CCKM) and Data Discovery and Classification (DDC). CipherTrust Manager is built on prevailing cloud-based technologies, providing a cloud-friendly, key management solution. It employs a REST interface and a micro-service-based architecture, allowing for easy deployment and scalability within your environment. With this new architecture, the CipherTrust Manager simplifies administration, helps ensure compliance and maximizes security by providing centralized management of keys, policies, and essential functions.
Thales CipherTrust Manager offers key management capabilities that can be integrated with virtually any commercial encryption product.

Supported technologies include:

  • Application Encryption
  • Database Encryption, including Native Database Encryption
  • File and Storage Level Encryption Solutions

Course Agenda:

  • CipherTrust Management Server - Terminology, Components, Solution Architecture & System Requirements
  • New CipherTrust Manager Features
  • CipherTrust Manager First Initialization
  • CipherTrust ProtectDB
  • CipherTrust ProtectApp
  • CipherTrust Tokenization
  • CipherTrust Transparent Encryption (CTE)
  • Licensing Schemes
  • CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager - Product Overview
  • Data Discovery & Classification

Registration Information:
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The course will be delivered by Mr.Vaibhav Tidke, Technical Training Specialist.

Location: Online, Self-Paced for the APAC Region
Time: 09:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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