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Contactless Payments On The Mobile - What Is The Standard?

October 27, 2010

One of the things needed for the market for mobile contactless payments to take off is a set of specifications financial services providers, MNOs and SIM/UICC and other vendors can work to. This seems to be shaping up nicely now.

Firstly, Global Platform pulled off a bit of a coup last November by getting the GSMA and EMVCo on board working on a specification to make it easier for any mobile payment application to work on any UICC. Now the EPC with the GSMA has issued "Mobile Contactless Payments Service Management Roles Requirements and Specifications". In this document, the key management specification referenced for ensuring payment applications are securely provisioned and stored on the UICC are...wait for it...Global Platform's. For purchasers and vendors alike, it’s so much easier when different organisations cross-reference common standards, and don’t go away and invent their own.