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Latest Aberdeen Group Report Points To KMIP As An Enabling Technology And Cost Saver For Enterprise Data Encryption Applications

August 8, 2012

Companies with encryption initiatives are realizing more so today that to achieve the promise of secure and economical enterprise-wide key management, both a reliable key manager solution, as well as standards-based interoperability with encryption devices, are a must-have requirement. The security benefits for centralized management and consistent policy may be obvious at this point, however industry analysts are now starting to put real meat behind the cost benefits of KMIP to help companies justify the budgetary spend and planning priority, when defining new encryption applications.

Aberdeen Group, a well-respected, fact-based research firm, recently completed an analysis of companies with current encryption initiatives and found the combined difference in costs avoided plus costs saved provided an advantage of nearly $100, per end-user, per year, with the ability to support encryption in greater diversity and at a higher scale. As a supporter and co-developer of the KMIP specification, Thales is pleased to see analysts such as Aberdeen help promote the benefits of KMIP, and continues to work closely with technology partners to promote adoption and compliance with the specification.

Aberdeen summarizes, "The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) is seen to be an important enabling technology for enterprise key management that merits greater attention from enterprise buyers and evaluators."

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