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More Momentum Around KMIP - A "key" Enabler For Centralized Management

February 13, 2013

More momentum around KMIP - A "key" enabler for centralized management

On Friday, January 25, the OASIS Technical Committee for KMIP, the Key Management Interoperability Protocol, reached an important milestone with the approval of the KMIP 1.1 specification. This major achievement is significant in that it further validates KMIP in the market since the 1.0 specification was launched in late 2010.

Now with over 40 vendors and end user organizations contributing to KMIP’s direction, Thales is proud to have been an early contributor from the start, and excited to see industry collaboration and adoption gaining widespread momentum as we continue to support advances with the Technical Committee.

This is all great news for enterprise organizations. 2013 is poised to see many more vendors supporting KMIP-enabled encryption products, as announcements continue to emerge for new applications and systems. End user organizations will start to benefit from an integrated approach toward reaching enterprise key management goals. Rather than continuing to invest in silo-specific key managers that inherently create difficulties enforcing global security policies and fulfilling audits, organizations can now start to think strategically about a unified approach toward managing encryption with consistency. Operations are streamlined, while greater economies are achieved over time as new KMIP-enabled applications are added into the picture.

Look for more information and announcements here as enterprise key management becomes a strategic initiative for many organizations in 2013 and beyond. Thales will continue to provide updates about KMIP as adoption of the protocol continues to quickly evolve.