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Vormetric Goes To Washington

April 12, 2013

Vormetric Team In Washington

It was a very busy week for the federal team here at Vormetric. We had a number of great meetings on the topic of cyber security with both Senate committee members and members of the House. Given all the attention that data breaches and APTs have gotten in the press recently, the federal government is extremely eager for input, ideas and assistance from industry leaders relative to current federal programs, initiatives and cyber working groups.

We also had interesting conversations with senior level government officials. As government agencies join enterprises and cloud service providers in looking for new ways to protect what matters — sensitive data, industry-government collaboration has never been more important.

The government is making strides into the Cyber Framework initiative to assist both government and industry work together to create a collaborative effort to protect against cyber attacks. The recent NIST RFI has stirred great discussion between the federal government and industry. Vormetric is glad to be a participant in this effort and looks forward to assisting in a stronger defense against APTs. And, judging from the picture, we at V-Fed stand ready, willing and able to help!

Wayne Lewandowski is Vormetric’s area vice president, federal. Follow him on Twitter @Wayne42675.