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Securing The Future Everywhere You Look

April 27, 2016

In the face of ongoing data breaches and fears over the amount and type of information we are sharing, the world nonetheless continues to become more and more connected. The IoT (Internet of Things) is a goldmine for hackers who can penetrate newly connected devices to attempt to access sensitive data or leverage the device to establish connections to other devices.

According to Ruggero Contu, a research director at Gartner, 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and will reach 11.4 billion by 2018.

In the new world of the connected everything, without proper security measures in place, communications between devices can be compromised, delivered incompletely or lost. Ultimately, data privacy and integrity, and the authenticity and identity of the devices themselves, cannot be guaranteed. These security risks and challenges cannot be ignored.

With this at front of mind, SAMSUNG ARTIK - an open platform which helps bring the best IoT solutions to market - has selected Thales’s cryptographic solutions to help manage trust in this complex environment. From your smart fridge to your smart phone to your enterprise data center, ARTIK with cryptography from Thales helps ensure the authenticity of connected devices as well as the secure storage and processing of private and personal data.

How do we do this? Well, each and every connected device needs a form of unique identification - even before it has an IP address. This digital credential establishes a root of trust for the device’s entire lifecycle, from initial design to deployment to retirement.

Samsung injects a unique digital ID into each ARTIK module, using the strongest cryptographic processing, key protection and key management available from Thales. By doing so, these digital IDs provide an undisputable means to verify the authenticity and validity of a device as well as providing a foundation for the secure storage and processing of private data.

But that’s just one part of the puzzle. The IoT demands large scale management and protection of digital certificates and the underlying keys in an efficient and operationally friendly manner. Thales HSMs help secure the process of issuing certificates and protecting and managing signing keys throughout their lifecycle, in a tamper-proof environment, preventing the loss or theft of keys.

In the connected age, trust and security are critical to the interaction of devices, people and things. It goes far beyond just ensuring our smartwatch data is secure; it’s about building a secure IoT ecosystem built on trust. This partnership with Samsung is a significant step in delivering this vision.