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Vormetric Data Security Platform Update: Efficient Security For A Complex World

December 8, 2016

ldt-twitter-imageComplicated. This a word we hear quite often in the security industry, and the fear of complication can have a disastrous impact on an organization’s security hygiene. For example, our recent 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report revealed that “perceived complexity” is the number-one reason why enterprises do not adopt the security tools they need to encrypt and control access to sensitive data, as well as log and audit information about sensitive data access. Data compliance requirements increasingly require organizations to adopt these features, and security professionals can’t allow fears of complication to lead to ignoring security best practices.

To address this perceived complexity, Thales has announced new capabilities for the Vormetric Data Security Platform (available in Q1 2017). These added features directly address the ostensible involvedness surrounding data security and enable organizations to confidently support their digital transformation more easily than before. With our new advancements, you can protect data and support compliance across existing data centers, as well as advanced technology environments such as the cloud, big data and containers.

So what problems and pain points do our shiny new features address? Let’s take a look:

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Application Downtime

In the past, encrypting and re-keying data at rest required a sizable amount of application stoppage. Depending on your environment, this process consumed massive amounts of time, often taking up days or more, and the operational impact could be astronomical.

Live Data Transformation allows organizations to encrypt and rekey data sets while they remain online and available to applications. Now you don’t have to sacrifice enhanced security and compliance for business flexibility: your data is protected without getting in the way of productivity.

Cybersecurity Risks for Containers

docker-twitter-imageLet’s dive back five to ten years ago: we used to believe virtualization was both incredibly efficient and extremely unsecure. Now that we’ve grown more comfortable with virtualization, a similar security fear has sprung up around containers. Developers want to scale their applications to enhance delivery speed, flexibility and control – but these desires bring new challenges and risks to data. Docker is a clear leader in the developer space, and with our new support for Docker containers you can create strong, centrally managed controls to protect your data within these environments.

We have supported containers such as Docker for years and now our Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension features data encryption, access control and data access logging both within the Docker container and for data housed in underlying storage volumes and file systems. Now you can reap the benefits of containers without exposing your organization and its sensitive data.

Cutting the Critiques of Compliance

Our 2016 Global DTR showed that organizations consider compliance a top security priority. But data breaches can, and will, occur at compliant certified organizations. It’s important for your business to follow regulations and best practices, but cybersecurity involves more than checking a box. Compliance is an excellent starting point for effective security and we can offer the next steps you need.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform helps you keep up with compliance and then some. Your organization’s compliance requirements are like the doctor you see every year: it’s good practice, but you can still get sick. We’re the specialists. If a specific part feels a little off, we’re there to check it out.

Ultimately, we want to empower organizations to take and personalize the steps they need to prevent data breaches and security incidents. You face unique threats, industry expectations, compliance requirements and much more. With the right tools, information security doesn’t have to be complex, inconvenient or impede your development and efficiency. With our new advancements to the Vormetric Data Security Platform you will be able to confidently accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

“Complicated” may seem like a universal word in our industry, but our solutions demonstrate it doesn’t have to be.