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Putting VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform To The Test With Thales’s Vormetric Data Security Manager

November 30, 2017

Certifying the full compatibility of the Thales Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) with the VMware platform was a critical element in ensuring our mutual customers’ satisfaction. Traditionally, this certification has been a cumbersome, and sometimes expensive task, requiring equipment, time and resources. Now, with the rollout of VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform, those times are over.

No infrastructure required

VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform is, you guessed it, in the cloud. This means there’s no VMware infrastructure deployment required by the partner. Thales simply needed to deploy the Vormetric Data Security Manager into VMware’s cloud environment, run the VMware KMS Certification Suite and upload the logs from the same platform.

Ease of deployment and speed

VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform has simplified integration and configuration, reducing total time to get VMware Ready Certified. Deployment is sped up simply by avoiding the need for a partner-procured VMware environment. Thales configured the Vormetric Data Security Manager and complete certification within a few hours.

Access to expert support resources

No matter how hands-off the testing infrastructure is, some technical help is always needed. Whether through documentation or live help, VMware’s outstanding technical staff is there to help smooth the process.

Robust key management at the core level

The integration of DSM into VMware provides one-stop enterprise encryption key management for VMware customers. Centrally managed from multiple sources, keys and certificates are securely stored and inventoried. VMware supports end-to-end VM and vSAN encryption solutions.

A Platform to Build Upon

While centralized key management offers compelling value by itself, the real payoff comes from building upon the Vormetric DSM to deploy additional security capabilities. Examples include transparent encryption, for both structured and unstructured data, as well as additional access controls and auditing capabilities.

Beyond VMware

We all know that life could be simpler if every IT environment was the same and limited to a single vendor – but that’s not the real world. The real world is a mixed vendor place and managing keys and encrypting data and applications here present significant challenges. The good news is that the Vormetric DSM platform can serve as a unifier here, not only centrally managing keys from VMware but also from third party applications and devices. Plus, advanced encryption can also be performed from this single platform. This fosters consistent policies, aids in compliance, eases management, and reduces training and maintenance costs.

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