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Bridging The Skills Gap

January 16, 2019

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It was recently announced that GCHQ has created a new competition for girls aged 12 – 13 in codebreaking, in a bid to create the next generation of female cybersecurity professionals. This initiative, CyberFirst Girls Competition, kicks off on January 21 and offers female students an opportunity to learn about cybersecurity and practice skills in a simulated real-world environment.

I fully support GCHQ’s work to inspire female students to join our cybersecurity workforce.

Women still represent only 20 percent of the overall cybersecurity community. Given the vast number of data breaches reported by organizations around the globe in 2018, and the ongoing skills shortage, it’s vital that government, industry, education and the media work together to make cybersecurity an exciting and inviting career choice for all.

Bridging the Skills Gap

To find out more about this innovative competition, you can visit the GCHQ website. You can also read more about my opinion in Business Cloud and IT In the Supply Chain.