Global Edition

2022 Thales Cloud
Security Study

The Challenges of Data Protection
in a Multicloud World

As more data is stored across multiple cloud providers, surveyed companies continue to report issues with cloud data breaches and failed audits. Attacks targeting cloud resources are also on the rise, and enterprises need help understanding what threats to be concerned about and how to protect against them. New types of security platforms and cloud-native security services have emerged, and enterprises need help understanding which ones they should consider adopting for various cloud security use cases, especially as they apply to sensitive data and workloads.

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Analysis from 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, based on a survey with more than 2,700 security professionals worldwide.   451 Research

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Accelerating Cloud Transformation
Creating More Complexity and Increased Risks


of respondents said that managing privacy and data protection in the cloud is more complex than on-premises


of organizations have experienced a data breach or failed an audit involving data in the cloud


of respondents said at least 40% of their data in the cloud is sensitive

Encryption still #1 choice to protect data in the cloud



of respondents said encryption was the top tool to secure data in the cloud. Yet only 50% say that more than 40% of their sensitive data in the cloud has been encrypted.

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2022 Thales Cloud Security
Study - Global Edition

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