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Certicamara Selects Thales Time Stamp Server To Verify Accuracy Of Electronic Documents

February 16, 2010

Leading Time Stamping Solution Ensures Efficient, Cost-Effective Electronic Processing and Secure Time Stamping to Prevent Online Fraud

Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, announces that Certicamara has selected Thales’s Time Stamp Server to validate the time and origin of digitally signed electronic documents. Certicamara is the digital certification authority for the Republic of Colombia. Certicamara relies on Thales’s Time Stamp Server to provide secure online transaction processing solutions for businesses and government organizations in Colombia.

Many business and official government processes are time-sensitive. For example, in stock transactions the price of the stock is linked to the time it is purchased. Similarly, government agencies usually post a deadline for payment of fines and fees. In traditional paper-based transactions, signatures and physical time stamps serve to authenticate when processes occurred. In the electronic world, a security application can provide a similar mechanism by digitally signing electronic records with a secure time source. However, as in paper-based methods, it is critically important that this process cannot be tampered with.

Certicamara helps leading banking, financial institutions and government organizations use digital certificates to verify and safeguard the authenticity of their electronic communications and transactions. Certicamara selected Thales’s Time Stamp Server to develop a tamper-proof method to verify the accuracy of a transaction and ensure that data within the transaction was not modified.

“Not all digital time stamping methods are equally secure and easy to integrate with,” says Erick Rincón Cardenas, General Manager of Certicamara. “Thales Time Stamping solutions integrate with applications quickly and easily, provide an auditable time stamping trail and enable us to provide efficient and cost-effective electronic processes to our customers. We are delighted to partner with Thales to provide secure time stamping that enables our customers to move away from inefficient paper-based methods and ensure that their processes are protected against manipulation or any other form of fraud.”

Time Stamp Server is a network-attached, turn-key appliance that combines the ability to act as a tamper-resistant source of trusted time at high speed and with a secure digital signing engine. This enables organizations to sign documents or other electronic files such as application software in a standards-based way and that enables verification long after the original signing certificate and credentials have expired or been revoked. Certicamara selected Thales’s Time Stamp Server over competing solutions based on the exceptional performance, as well as its successful experience using Thales hardware security modules (HSMs).

“Time stamping is an effective way to verify the integrity of many important and often legally binding electronic transactions. Digital signatures and time stamps can be more secure than their paper equivalents,” says Franck Greverie, Vice President, Managing Director for the information systems security activities of Thales. “Certicamara is ahead of the curve in designing solutions that can help its government and financial customers prevent corruption and fraudulent online transactions. Thales’s Time Stamp Server plays a vital role in helping protect Certicamara customers from forgery, manipulation and tampering of electronic records.”

About Certicamara

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Certicamara enables government and business customers to secure their transactions, communications, and applications with digital certificates. More than 40,000 subscribers and 400 websites in Colombia rely on Certicamara to help protect their business processes.