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Thales Addresses Enterprise Encryption Key Governance For Microsoft Azure

February 13, 2017

Key management-as-a-service (KMaaS) meets enterprise needs for direct control of encryption keys

Thales, leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, announces it is collaborating with Microsoft to provide key management services for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 that will allow organizations to maximize the control of their data and provide the highest level of assurance, regardless of whether the data is on premise or in the cloud.

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Secure key management is essential to protecting data. Microsoft Azure-based applications use Azure Key Vault  to access a variety of key management capabilities such as key creation, backup and rotation as well as basic crypto operations like encrypt/decrypt and sign, – all within the secure boundary of a Thales hardware security module (HSM). A typical organization has data, key and apps distributed across the cloud and on premise. Regardless of where the keys are stored, the integrated vision of the two companies is to provide a consistent single pane of glass allowing enterprises to effectively manage their encryption keys across diverse environments, enforce business policy and workflow for how keys are provisioned, stored, accessed and monitored.

Thales is working to deliver an integrated key management service that provides the following:

  • Integrated and enhanced key authorization including single sign on (SSO), separation of duties enforcements, authoritative storage policies and automatic synchronization of keys
  • Data loss prevention arising out of process encryption key activity
  • Data outage prevention due to key expirations with automated alerts and business workflows on encryption key lifecycles
  • Higher visibility of critical process with enhanced encryption key monitoring, discovery and usage reports

Cindy Provin, Chief Strategy Officer at Thales says:

“The cloud is making businesses reassess how they think about and use technology. Shared services and public cloud infrastructures, however, do not always have a clear demarcation of tenant execution and storage space so the security of the services therefore depends on the level of protection given to the cryptographic keys used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. Thales already offers ‘bring your own key’ (BYOK) to Microsoft Azure, providing the confidence to trust the service with an organization’s most valuable assets. Our collaboration with Microsoft to offer key management-as-a-service will further enhance and simplify the governance around those keys.”

Sumedh Barde, Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Key Vault at Microsoft says:

“As our customers ingest more and more keys to encrypt an ever-growing variety of Microsoft Azure resources, the ability to manage and govern those keys becomes critical to staying in control. Thales Key management-as-a-service for Azure is a great step forward in answering customer demands for central visibility of all those keys as well as the ability to govern them.”

Thales will be previewing key management-as-a-service for Microsoft Azure at RSA Conference, Booth #1007, Moscone Center, San Francisco, February 13-17, 2017,

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