Thales News Release

Thales Introduces The First Models Of The TEOREM Secure Mobile Phone

October 16, 2008

A highly-secure user-friendly telephone solution

Thales officially launched its brand-new secure telephone system for both mobile and fixed line use, called TEOREM, for its French customers and NATO representatives belonging to the IICWG (International Interoperability Control Working Group).

The French Procurement Agency (DGA) chose Thales at the beginning of 2007 to develop and produce the New Generation Cryptophony system.

Already renowned for its expertise in secure telecommunications, Thales has now confirmed its leading position in security for French and international information systems, with TEOREM.

Compared to the current models of secure telephones, Thales' new TEOREM system is a real breakthrough. Combining the brand-new government encryption component developed jointly by the DGA and Thales, it is the first telephone to provide a high level of security along with greatly enhanced ease of use.

Expected sales of up to 20,000 units for the French market

The TEOREM solution is the result of a bidding process organized by the DGA in 2007 to develop and produce the New Generation Cryptophony system for the armed forces and government ministries.

As the successful bidder, Thales undertook to deliver up to 20,000 units of the TEOREM solution to meet demand in France from 2010.

An effective solution to the needs of both defense and government players

This secure telephone is suitable for a wide range of users, and provides protection for national and international communications up to Top Secret level. Based on state-of-the-art technology, it is expected to become the preferred command tool for authorities in the workplace and when on the move.

TEOREM also allows Thales to ensure full interworking with the various fixed networks (STN, ISDN, VoIP) and mobile networks (UMTS, EDGE , GPRS, GSM), both private and public. This system thus combines a range of functions requiring several devices so far.

Finally, its low power consumption, miniaturization and extreme user-friendliness are key assets in meeting the needs of users on the go.

The TEOREM solution is thus a significant innovation compared to the secure telephones currently available around the world. TEOREM further attests to Thales' position as world leader in secure information and communications systems, and one of the foremost innovative companies in defense technology.