Thales News Release

Thales Introduces TEOZ

October 16, 2008

A new secure system for Telephony over IP

Monaco, Thales introduced TEOZ, its new Telephony over IP (ToIP) security system. TEOZ is an innovative system ensuring network availability while reducing the risk of fraud inherent in traditional telephony.

Telephony over IP is a technology that straddles two worlds, inheriting threats prevalent in both of them: lack of availability of IP services, and the risk of fraud with traditional telephony.

The Thales TEOZ modular system provides complete confidentiality for signaling and communications, real time data flow processing and high levels of reliability in a dynamic context, with platforms designed to suit their users. These functionalities make TEOZ a unique multimedia services protection system, for any kind of organization looking for an effective telephony over IP security policy from the market.

TEOZ core function: the “Trusted Multimedia Zone”

TEOZ creates an unbreachable space, called the “Trusted Multimedia Zone” holding sensitive devices such as gateways and IP communications servers. TEOZ is used as a barricade in front of this equipment, analyzing all the incoming dataflows with a range of appropriate functions that combine filtering capabilities for the protocols implemented, together with checks on applications parameters.

The TEOZ architecture also allows for requirements regarding transmission times, jitter (discrepancies between two outgoing packets) and quality of service (changes or loss of data).