Thales News Release

Thales's CHANG HD Receives NATO SECRET Accreditation

May 28, 2009

Following an assessment by NATO’s Communications and Information Systems Security and Evaluation Agency (SECAN), the accreditation “NATO SECRET” was granted to CHANG[1] HD, Thales’s solution for securing tactical networks.

The security of information and communication systems is crucial for running civil-military operations. Collecting, processing and distributing information without interference or interception is one of the key challenges facing armed forces. To meet these needs, Thales offers a full line of high-level security solutions approved by the French authorities, NATO and the European Union.

CHANG HD is an integral part of this line. It secures high-speed communications over defense tactical networks (radio relays, dedicated lines, etc.). CHANG HD can encrypt up to three independent two-way links with speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 8 Mbps each. This capability ensures a very high level of confidentiality on operational links and incorporates anti-compromising measures such as TEMPEST certification. This is done in a limited space, without altering performance.

The NATO approval further consolidates Thales’s position as a major, world-class player in information systems security, and in particular, cryptology.

The French Central Information Systems Security Division (DCSSI) had already approved CHANG HD in 2005 for protecting classified information up to the TOP SECRET level.

For Sylvie Ghez, Director of the Information Systems Security domain “The fact that CHANG HD was granted the NATO SECRET accreditation clearly demonstrates Thales’s capacity to develop highly secure systems for allied forces in the field of cryptology.”