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Vormetric Offers Proven Data Protection Platform To SaaS Providers For Enhanced Cloud Security

August 28, 2015

Leading SaaS providers Use Vormetric Data Security to Protect Data in The Cloud

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 27, 2015 – Vormetric, a leader in enterprise data security for physical, virtual, big data and cloud environments, today announced the release of Vormetric for SaaS Providers. Security and compliance concerns have always hindered broad adoption of SaaS solutions by enterprise customers. Vormetric for SaaS providers includes critical security controls that enable SaaS providers to address the most important of these concerns, and make broad enterprise adoption a reality. The solution includes field, file and folder encryption and associated data security controls that can be used to transparently shield enterprise customer data within SaaS environments from exposure to both the SaaS provider, and to any attackers that may compromise a SaaS environment.

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Already integrated into the offerings of more than 20 leading SaaS providers today, Vormetric makes it easy to overcome top security and compliance issues perceived by enterprises with SaaS; multi-tenancy, additional privileged user threats, security infrastructure visibility, lack of visibility into SaaS personnel roles, hiring practices and data access. Vormetric’s SaaS customers today include a top tier business intelligence provider, and SaaS providers specializing in financial services, healthcare, human capital management, travel, legal, real estate and more.

“AirVault’s secure, cloud-based document management software services are trusted by the worlds’ most successful airlines to manage the maintenance records of their global commercial aircraft fleets. To earn the continued trust of the global aviation community we have made security and data integrity mission-critical imperatives,” said CEO of AirVault, John Oldham. “Vormetric enables us to protect this information while also addressing multiple compliance mandates from the many governing bodies involved.”

“Our leading SaaS-based talent recruitment and management solutions help over 250 customers to recruit and hire smarter. Our multi-national reach requires that we must meet rigorous standards for protecting the confidentiality of employee, recruit and corporate data,” said Guus Meijer, COO of Connexys BV. “With Vormetric, we are able to protect this critical information against data breaches, and meet requirements for protecting sensitive personal information across multiple countries with a single solution.”

With 60% of enterprises globally storing sensitive data within SaaS environments (Source: 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report), SaaS services are already a top security concern for enterprise data. Key to broad enterprise adoption of SaaS offerings is the ability to secure enterprise data from access by the SaaS provider, from other SaaS customers, or from compromises of the SaaS provider’s infrastructure - while also meeting compliance requirements (such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH and others). Vormetric for SaaS Providers explicitly meets these needs, enabling SaaS standard or optional offerings that include field, file and folder level encryption with access controls. These capabilities enable SaaS providers to:

  • Safeguard sensitive information from data breaches and other loss or theft by providing encryption and access controls for SaaS data, while keeping encryption keys and access policy management separate from SaaS infrastructure.
  • Meet compliance requirements that include encryption, access controls and audit information for regulated data at both the file and folder level, and within SaaS applications.

“CSPs will continue to enhance their security features: Because one of the key challenges facing SaaS providers is customer concerns over the security of their data and who is accessing it, we expect CSPs to increasingly bolster the security features and richness of security APIs they offer to allay these concerns and build trust among clients. Many CSPs have already started to add or enhance data protection features such as encryption for data at rest.” Ramon Krikken, Gartner - Securing SaaS Using Cloud Access Security Brokers, 18 June 2015

Two trust models are available to create secure offerings:

  • Encrypt in the Cloud, keys at the SaaS provider. SaaS providers encrypt data for customers, with access policies and encryption keys managed from within the SaaS infrastructure (by the SaaS provider or the enterprise customer)
  • Encrypt in the Cloud, keys in the enterprise. Enterprises hold and manage their own encryption keys and access policies. The SaaS infrastructure uses these keys and policies to encrypt data used within the SaaS application, effectively preventing any SaaS provider access to enterprise keys, and enterprise data.

Beyond critical features and capabilities for integration with SaaS infrastructure, flexible models for doing business are also essential to meeting the needs of SaaS providers. Pay as you go, scalable and customizable terms matched to SaaS provider business models make it easy to partner with Vormetric.

“Vormetric for SaaS Providers is a game changer. Enterprise security concerns about SaaS data-at-rest security, risk reduction, privacy and compliance have always inhibited enterprise SaaS adoption,” said Vice President of Cloud for Vormetric, C.J. Radford. “SaaS providers who visibly embrace Vormetric to lock down their customer’s information immediately reap the benefits of increased customer trust and confidence, while also differentiating their brand, reducing liability and unlocking new revenue opportunities.”

To learn how Vormetric can help you integrate and deploy encryption, tokenization and key management to enhance your SaaS service offerings so you can more quickly overcome typical security and compliance end-customer objections and accelerate your enterprise SaaS revenue, contact us at

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A leader in data security solutions, Vormetric (@Vormetric) protects data-at-rest in physical, virtual, big data and cloud environments. Trusted by businesses and governments for over a decade, Vormetric’s Data Security Platform secures the data of more than 1,500 global enterprises—including 17 of the Fortune 30. With Vormetric, a single infrastructure and management environment protects data wherever it resides with file, volume and cloud storage encryption, tokenization with dynamic data masking, field-level application encryption, sophisticated access control policies, third party and integrated encryption key management.

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