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Vormetric Unveils New Patented Solution To Streamline Encryption Deployment – Vormetric Live Data Transformation

February 9, 2016

Also Announcing Vaultless Tokenization, Cloud Encryption Gateway for Caringo

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Feb. 9, 2016Vormetric, a leader in enterprise data security for physical, virtual, big data and cloud environments, today announced new, innovative security solutions for the Vormetric Data Security Platform, that further expand the supported data-at-rest security use cases and simplifies the operations of deploying encryption. A primary challenge for organizations implementing and managing encryption for data-at-rest is to transform clear-text to cypher-text, or to rekey existing encrypted data, without causing disruptive downtime. Vormetric Live Data Transformation alleviates this problem by seamlessly performing initial encryption or rekey operations without planned downtime for applications or services. Also announced today are additional enhancements to the Vormetric Data Security Platform - Caringo support for the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway and Vaultless Tokenization.

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The company’s recent 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report revealed that across nearly all geographies, 57 percent of respondents noted “complexity” was the number-one barrier to adopting data security tools and techniques more widely. In the past, complex encryption deployments often impacted application availability, with extended downtime required for initial encryption and rekeying data sets. Live Data Transformation directly addresses this problem by encrypting data sets while the applications using them are online. The solution minimizes disruption to applications and business processes by eliminating the complex operational problems surrounding initial downtime and key maintenance. Whether used in a traditional data center, or in newer cloud, big data and IoT environments, Live Data Transformation increases data availability and accessibility.

“IT system downtime is costly for any business, even when it is planned” said Bob Tarzey of UK-based Quocirca. “The financial consequences of IT disruptions arise from lost sales and productivity; in addition, consequent reputational damage can have a longer term knock-on effect” he added. “Downtime need not be caused by system outage, it can be due to data processing, which includes encryption. The idea behind Vormetric’s Live Data Transformation is to solve this problem, even for large databases with high transaction volumes. Any organization which needs to ensure both constant data security and availability should take a look at such technology.”

Live Data Transformation, drives security, compliance and business flexibility, protecting data without getting in the way of business or slowing it down:

  • Transparent encryption deployment: Organizations can seamlessly migrate data from clear-text to encrypted state while the data is in use, without any disruption to users, applications or business workflows.
  • Online Key-rotation: Meet compliance and best practices requirements that mandate periodic changes to data encryption keys. With Vormetric Live Data Transformation, applications remain online during the data encryption rekey process.
  • Intelligent CPU management: To ensure that the data transformation process does not impact production applications, encryption and rekey operations are scheduled to use less CPU resources during hours when the data is heavily used and more CPU resources during low data processing hours.

“Organizations need data security solutions that don’t slow down their business, and provide state-of-the-art protection,” said Vormetric CEO Alan Kessler. “With our patented Live Data Transformation, we’re delivering exactly that. Encryption and access controls that deploy without taking applications off-line, or requiring extensive downtime for key maintenance, are a huge benefit to organizations that need to keep data safe.”

Vormetric Vaultless Tokenization

Vormetric Tokenization provides easy to use format-preserving tokenization that can protect sensitive fields in databases as well as big data environments, and that can also limit who can see sensitive data sets. It enables enterprises to save money and time by reducing sensitive information sprawl, removing servers and applications from the scope of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) audits and only exposing sensitive healthcare or other personal information when needed. This existing solution requires a token vault that stores sensitive data in a secure environment separate from production implementations and databases.

Vaultless Tokenization provides all of these same benefits, but without the requirement for a token vault. Effectively reducing deployment and maintenance overhead, while enhancing performance.

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway with Caringo

Enterprises have seen rapid growth in the use of cloud storage solutions by individual users and business units, but typically without the security controls required for regulated and sensitive data. As a result, they often face the difficult decision to either block access to these productivity boosting services, or to risk the exposure of sensitive data through their use.

Vormetric’s Cloud Encryption Gateway provides encryption, key management and access controls for data in cloud storage environments, helping enterprises secure sensitive data residing in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3), Box and now also in Caringo environments with encryption, key management and access controls.

“Live Data Transformation directly addresses the need to both minimize application downtime and to maximize the security of data, while Vaultless Tokenization both increases tokenization performance, and greatly reduces the infrastructure required to protect information within databases.” said Vice President of Product Development, Ashvin Kamaraju. “Our patented data transformation capability is the result of our interactive relationship with our customers, and the dedicated efforts of our development teams.”

Availability: Live Data Transformation is available for demonstration. Vaultless Tokenization is available in Q2 2016, and Caringo for Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway in Q1 2016.

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To learn more about global trends and perceptions in data security, download The Vormetric 2016 Data Threat Report.

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