Thales News Release

Thales and Redcentric provide secure scalable connectivity to support the healthcare industry during unprecedented time

April 6, 2022

  • In order to meet demand, Redcentric and Thales partnered to rollout the SafeNet Trusted Access solution, contributing to an increase in sales

In response to increased demand at the onset of the pandemic, Redcentric, one of the UK’s leading IT managed service provider, had to quickly scale its connectivity solutions. Rising to the challenge, global technology company Thales launched a full scale rollout of its cloud-based Access and Management and Authentication platform to support Redcentric’s need for increased and secure connectivity solutions, whilst also meeting compliance issues on protecting access to sensitive services.

Nowhere saw more impact and strain as a result of the pandemic than the healthcare industry. As a managed service provider with a particular focus in healthcare, at the height of Covid-19, Redcentric was faced with the need to deliver a solution that could cope with increasing demand from customers.

Redcentric worked tirelessly to help alleviate that strain, rapidly scaling its connectivity solution. The provider turned to its long-term partner, Thales, and the organisation was able to scale its cloud-based Access and Management and Authentication platform, SafeNet Trusted Access, authenticating all software and cloud applications across multiple platforms and device.

By validating identities, enforcing access policies and applying smart single sign-on, the service ensured secure, convenient access to numerous cloud and web-based applications. Addressing Redcentric’s need for an instantly scalable and reliable solution throughout healthcare organisations across the public sector, including NHS Trusts such as NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit.

“The pandemic has put every industry under pressure, with the world being driven online and organisations having to keep going under a variety of different guidelines. Amid the increased risk associated with remote working and employees accessing systems outside of the traditional network perimeter, our solution provides scalability, flexibility and reliability in this digital-first world. The SafeNet Trusted Access service has allowed Redcentric to massively up-scale the delivery of its solutions to meet the demand created by the pandemic,” said Dirk Geeraerts, EMEA Regional Director Access Management products at Thales.

“The usage-based billing model also enables Redcentric to grow as an organisation and gain customers as quickly as they can, without compromising their business model. In effect, it reduces admin, in turn improving efficiency and cost, while enabling businesses to overcome cash-flow challenges associated with pre-pay models,” Dirk continued.

Marc Roberts, Head of Network Solutions at Redcentric said: “Thales has been a fantastic partner to work with in terms of our goal to support the healthcare industry during this unparalleled time. We need solid suppliers to ensure we’re able to deliver the best solutions to our customers, it’s not a one-way street, and we need a partner to make this work and Thales is definitely that. They took everything in their stride and delivered not only the scalability we needed, but more importantly the reliability we strive for too. With the SafeNet Trusted Access baked into our existing products, our customers now have the peace of mind that they can access services securely, wherever they are.”