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Chris Harris Chris Harris | Associate VP, Sales Engineering

Chris Harris has over twenty-five years' experience in IT Security with a strong track record providing expert consultancy, pre-sales support and technical assistance to customers across EMEA, in addition to developing and leading a large pan-EMEA team of Pre-Sales Consultants and Sales Engineers. With a strong technical focus on data and information protection solutions, Chris can talk very knowledgably on a vast range of Cybersecurity, Identity Management, Cloud Encryption & Security as well as Cloud Security and Security-as-a-Service offerings. He plays a key role in managing customer and partner relationships across the region, as well as scaling the team, ensuring it has the structure and skills in place to solve problems for customers and respond to market needs.

Having joined Thales through its recent acquisition of Gemalto, Chris previously managed the cyber-security pre-sales organisation across EMEA. He has over 15 years’ experience in the group through various company acquisitions that has seen his EMEA Pre-Sales role evolve as the product portfolio grew significantly. With a passion for technology, he keeps acquainting himself with the technical detail, often feeding back the field experience to product management to help advance offerings. He has been pivotal in developing a strong pre-sales technical team across EMEA all equally as passionate for customer excellence. He brings with him a wealth of experience spanning: Hardware Security Modules (HSM), PKI & Digital Certificates, Smart Cards, Tokens, Network Encryption, Database Encryption, Storage Security/Encryption, Cryptographic Hardware and Software.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Herfordshire. You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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