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Sol Cates Sol Cates | Principal Technologist, Data Protection

Sol is a technology leader with deep experience of the information security landscape. He credits constant curiosity, combined with an early interest in computers, for leading him into a career that now spans over 20 years in cyber-security.

As the global leader of Research and Technology at Thales, he is focused on improving understanding of today's challenges, tomorrow's hurdles, and developing solutions that address those problems. His teams source and understand the challenges of security professionals, and develop solutions to address those challenges efficiently and effectively. Through his three and-a-half years with Thales, and his prior experiences, Sol has gathered a wide set of experience and viewpoints – he has been a vendor, administrator, CISO, CTO, CIO, security analyst, developer and architect, among other roles.

Best Practices for Your Digital Transformation Journey
Sol Cates February 10, 2021
Best Practices for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Do you recall when the phrase “Digital Transformation” seemed like just the latest technology buzzword, and it seemed so far off in the… Read More

Thales Secures Data for Google Cloud VMware Engine
Sol Cates July 28, 2020
Thales Secures Data for Google Cloud VMware Engine

As I noted in my December 16, 2019 blog post “Cloud Data Security: Who… Read More

Sol Cates February 17, 2020
RSAC 2020: Trust in the Cloud. What Should You Do with Your Encryption Keys?

In the past decade, businesses started evaluating the pros and cons of moving to the cloud in order to meet the increased demand for the… Read More

looking back-so-we-can-move-forward-feature image
Sol Cates February 11, 2020
Hindsight is 2020. Looking back so we can move forward

2020 ends a decade, and the new year prompted me to think “Wow it’s been two decades since we started Vormetric.” And the mission we… Read More

Sol Cates January 9, 2020
MicroServices: Today’s data science gold rush

Microservices are changing how organizations are doing business. And nowhere was this more clear than at KubeCon in San Diego last year… Read More

Sol Cates December 16, 2019
Cloud Data Security: Who Should Hold the Keys?

Nearly half (48%) of all corporate data is stored in the cloud according to… Read More