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Ward Duchamps Ward Duchamps | Director of Strategy and Innovation CIAM, Thales

In his current role, Ward Duchamps is responsible for defining the product strategy for the Identity & Access Management solutions offered by Thales. His focus is on a five-year horizon and he adopts an outside-in approach. 

He carefully selects industry trends, such as web 3.0 and decentralized identity, where he believes Thales can make a meaningful impact in the market. His primary area of emphasis is authorizations and he is tasked with defining the product boundaries, creating a comprehensive plan, and securing buy-in from stakeholders. He also collaborates with the engineering team to ensure successful execution.

Ward Duchamps has two decades of experience in Identity and Access Management. Currently, he serves as Director of Strategy and Innovation at Thales. 

Ward was previously the founder and CEO of Scaled Access, a specialist in fine-grained and policy-based authorization, which has been added to the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform. Ward also co-founded miaa Guard where, as the company's CTO for over a decade, he successfully led a team that integrated Consumer Identity & Access Management for several corporate customers. Before that, Ward was part of Deloitte as Director of security and privacy services.

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