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Ransomware: Now Is the Time to Address This Challenge

September 21, 2021

Poupak Modirassari-Enbom Poupak Modirassari-Enbom | Global VP Marketing CPL More About This Author >

Reports are indicating that cyberattacks are growing in volume and impact as ransomware tactics have become more advanced and damaging. The extent and impact of these attacks has turned ransomware into a global problem, affecting public and private organizations. Although the news headlines are flooded with incidents affecting areas from critical infrastructure and healthcare to retail and education, we have a great opportunity to address this challenge.

This optimism is not without any foundation. We are all aware of the threat and its impact. Security agencies have developed processes to mitigate ransomware attacks. Security technology has evolved to provide the controls required to fortify organizations against sophisticated attackers.

Behind every attack that makes the news headlines, there are numerous successful blocks on the adversaries who try to hijack sensitive data.

People are alert

Ransomware attackers have made a strong statement about their capabilities and intentions. Organizations are now more aware than ever about the tactics and damaging impact of such attacks. Executives across all industry sectors are on alert that “the primary key threat is cyber criminals, and in particular the threat of ransomware.

In every challenge there is an opportunity. Overall, businesses are getting better prepared. Many organizations are allocating funds to strengthen cybersecurity postures as well as investing into training their staff to recognize indications and vectors of imminent ransomware attacks.

Processes are stronger

Although there is no silver bullet to address the menace of ransomware, organizations can rely on robust guidelines published by national security agencies to develop their strategy to identify and protect their mission-critical and sensitive assets. CISA, NCSC, and NIST have all laid out proactive steps and preventive mechanisms that can assist organizations in building a counter-ransomware strategy.

This comes with numerous advantages such as reducing the likelihood of being impacted, the spread of malware throughout the organization, and the impact of the attack.

Technology has advanced

Security technology has evolved to provide organizations the ability to:

  • Discover sensitive data and classify it according to risk
  • Implement robust identity and access management control
  • Protect and control sensitive data at rest and in transit through encryption and tokenization
  • Monitor data security for intelligent remediation

Thales and our partners have built the knowledge and expertise to mitigate ransomware attacks and we have developed an industry-leading portfolio that maps the policies developed by CISA, NCSC, and NIST.

Visit our ransomware solutions webpage to discover how to mitigate ransomware attacks, or get in touch with one of our Thales experts.

You can also register to attend our webinar, Ransomware Protection: How to Keep Your Data Safe with Strong Data Security on September 29, 2021, to hear about a proactive, rather than reactive, approach concerning data security processes.