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How the new Spirion-Thales partnership enables sensitive-data-centric encryption

June 30, 2022

Dihan Rosenburg | Senior Product Marketing Manager, Spirion More About This Author >

Like many, I am planning a “COVID revenge” break this summer. Getting everything booked was surprisingly uneventful; that is, until I tried to reserve a kennel for my two dogs. Everything is booked solid or outrageously expensive. I could stay at the Ritz for less than I can get them boarded!

So we are going with Plan B. My husband’s colleague has a college-age son who has agreed to house sit and take care of the dogs at our home. He seems like a nice enough kid. Nonetheless, when strangers are in your home, you need to take precautions, so we’ll lock our master bedroom and store our valuables and alcohol in a safe.

Planning your enterprise security posture should work the same way. To meet the challenges of modern perimeterless, data-driven enterprises, it’s no longer enough to lock down the network. The security must be embedded with the data wherever it travels. Encryption achieves this goal by making the data readable only to those individuals with the proper access levels. But only a small fraction of the data that organizations store contains sensitive data, and encrypting data comes with its own challenges, including blocking legitimate access and reducing productivity.

It wouldn’t make sense for me to move everything in our house into our master bedroom or safe during our vacation. It’s a similar overreach to encrypt all the data your company collects, but many organizations are doing just that. They’re forced to encrypt everything because they lack confidence that they know exactly where all their sensitive data is being stored and used.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could only encrypt the data that you need to protect? Information like customers’ personal information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) or internal confidential documents could be tightly secured, while the vast majority of your organization’s data that is public could continue to flow freely.

That’s the vision behind the new Spirion-Thales alliance. Together, we’ve teamed up to re-invent file-level access and rights management. Here’s how it works.

Spirion’s Data Discovery and Classification is Step #1

The most accurate data identification delivers the most accurate protection. Data can’t be properly protected if its sensitivity isn’t completely understood. Spirion data identification solutions help discover, classify, and remediate sensitive data wherever it lives

Spirion is the leader in sensitive data discovery and classification with algorithms to locate sensitive data have been battle tested for over 15 years in leading Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions. Spirion’s Privacy-Grade technology identifies both structured and unstructured personal data throughout your organization in share files, emails web sites, databases, cloud storage, SaaS applications and more — on-prem, in the Cloud, and even on endpoints like employee laptops.

Once Spirion has classified data for sensitivity and other business context, it is sent to Thales to selectively encrypt data. With this classified intelligence, Thales can then limit its encryption to only the sensitive data that must be protected, while the public data can flow freely.

Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption

Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption with centralized key management, privileged user access control and detailed data access audit logging. This protects data wherever it resides, on-premises, across multiple clouds, and within Big Data and container environments.

Transparent Data Protection

Transparent and continuous file-level encryption protects against unauthorized access by users and processes in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Because the encryption is applied at a file-level and based on the data discovery and remediation applied by Spirion, implementation can be done without disrupting ongoing business and operational processes even during deployment and roll out.

Scalable and Flexible

Scaling to deployments of tens of thousands of physical or virtual servers, Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption is available for Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms. The enterprise encryption software can be used, deployed, and maintained across physical, cloud, container and big data environments. Overhead from encryption is minimized using the encryption capabilities available in modern CPUs.

Thales and Spirion Better Together

Thales and Spirion are helping organizations stay ahead of shifts in the modern threat landscape by delivering solutions that focus directly on the data without reliance on an increasingly porous perimeter. Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption allows IT organizations to easily control access to sensitive or restricted documents, enabling intelligent encryption that is surgically focused on the data itself, not just where it happens to be stored.

Learn more about how Spirion’s accurate data identification combined with file-level encryption and rights management from Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption can help your organization keep its data secure and compliant.