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BYOE Offers Data Security And Compliance In The Cloud

May 16, 2019

Nisha Amthul Nisha Amthul | Senior Product Marketing Manager More About This Author >

We are seeing more organizations use a ‘lift and shift’ policy, where data is moved to the cloud to satisfy project requirements. But safe migration to the cloud requires that the process be secure, compliant and easy to implement. The 1,200 data security professionals worldwide who were surveyed for the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report-Global Edition tell us that protecting sensitive data in the cloud is becoming increasingly complex. Nine out of 10 respondents are using, or will be using, some type of cloud environment, and 44% rate the complexity of that environment as a perceived barrier to implementing proper data security measures.

BYOE Data Security Compliance In Cloud

Our business at Thales is data security, and we have long argued that the best way to ensure data security is for the enterprise that owns or is responsible for the data to closely control the security of that data. As it happens, this is also considered a best practice by the industry. Another best practice is to encrypt the data and tightly maintain access and control of the keys. Then, if the data is retrieved by some malicious entity, it is meaningless. This is what Thales’s Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) is all about. BYOE provides user-controlled, multi-cloud data security and portability with centralized key management.

Our BYOE offering has succeeded because we provide expansive multi- and hybrid-cloud support that protects data and complies with government regulations and industry mandates. By centralizing data security across cloud and on-premises environments, we have also been able to help IT and operations teams reduce costs while minimizing risk.

However, technology platforms do not stand still, and our customers adopt new technologies to maintain their agility as they continue their digital transformations. Consequently, Thales has extended BYOE support to VMware Cloud on AWS (VCA), AWS CloudHSM, and MySQL on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure. These are in addition to our BYOE solutions for Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, which we already support.

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