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Thales and HPE GreenLake Expand Partnership to Offer Enhanced Data Protection

November 22, 2023

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In a significant stride towards bolstering data security and simplifying key management, Thales is thrilled to announce an expanded partnership with HPE GreenLake. This newfound collaboration paves the way for launching a Centralized Key Management complimentary product offering, an initiative poised to reshape the landscape of data protection and security for enterprises worldwide.

Centralized Key Management to Meet the Demand for Enhanced Data Protection

Introducing Thales as the Preferred Key Management Partner for HPE GreenLake

Thales is proud to be recognized as the preferred Key Management Partner for HPE GreenLake. This partnership signifies a commitment to enhancing data protection and fortifying security postures through centralized key management with edge-to-cloud capability.

Data breaches and security threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, and our partnership with HPE GreenLake serves to fulfill customer demands for enhanced data protection. Thales's expertise in key management, coupled with HPE GreenLake's extensive portfolio, allows us to offer end-to-end data protection across many hybrid Edge-to-Cloud and Multi-Cloud deployment scenarios and safeguarding HPE's Private Mobile Network customers.

Simplifying Key Management and Enhancing Control

Reducing Complexity and Operational Costs

One of the primary objectives of this partnership is to streamline key management processes. According to the 2023 Thales Data Threat Report (DTR), 62% of global companies employ five or more key management solutions, contributing to IT complexity and operational challenges.

Thales and HPE GreenLake aim to reduce key management complexity and operating costs by unifying and applying policies from a centralized key management server. Consolidating key management to a single platform also simplifies reporting for audit and compliance requirements.

Compliance and Control: A Win-Win for Enterprises

Meeting Data Sovereignty & Data Security Compliance Mandates

Ensuring compliance with data sovereignty and data security regulations is paramount for enterprises operating in a global landscape. The 2023 Thales Data Threat Report also reveals 83% of respondents were concerned that data sovereignty regulations will affect their cloud deployment plans. Our partnership allows enterprises to effectively meet these critical compliance mandates, as Virtual CipherTrust Manager can be installed in all popular public clouds and hypervisors for flexible, global deployment. Organizations have increased peace of mind, lowering the business risk associated with security compliance standards, and reducing the likelihood of breached data and loss of control.

Enhancing Key Control for HPE GreenLake Enterprise Users

Our partnership also empowers HPE GreenLake enterprise users with greater key control. Customers are provided with the ability to define role-based access controls for key management or encryption and can be consumed through multiple APIs (REST, KMIP or XML). This increased control over encryption keys is vital to data security, giving organizations more confidence in safeguarding sensitive information.

Take Action to Secure Your HPE GreenLake Environments

Given this exciting partnership, we invite you to visit HPE at Discover Barcelona 2023, taking place November 29 – December 1. This event is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how Thales and HPE GreenLake are revolutionizing data protection.

We encourage you to talk with your HPE or Thales consultants about securing your HPE GreenLake environments with enterprise-wide key management. We can help you fortify your organization's data protection and security posture, reduce complexity, and lower costs.

The expanded partnership between Thales and HPE GreenLake heralds a new data protection and security era. By centralizing key management services, we simplify processes, enhance control, reduce costs, and lower business risks. This collaboration is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data and ensuring a secure digital future.