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Enterprise Cloud Security Done Right: Three Critical Moves You Need to Know

August 27, 2020

Ashvin Kamaraju Ashvin Kamaraju | Vice President of Engineering, Strategy & Innovation More About This Author >

Originally published in Cloud Management Insider on August 19

Until recently, trusting a third-party with sensitive data was unthinkable. Being the most prized asset, sensitive data used to reside in controlled on-premises enterprise data centers protected by both physical and logical security controls. However, the critical need to share data in our hyperconnected world ushered in rapid digital and cloud transformation, and IT teams had to work diligently to keep up. Looking back, we can now see the speed of that transformation pales in comparison to the speed of change witnessed during the sudden shift to a distributed workforce due to COVID-19.

Organizations are significantly accelerating the migration of workloads and data to the public cloud to enable employees to work from anywhere. Since remote working widens the scope for data breaches and other security vulnerabilities, best practices of the past are no longer adequate. Native encryption and key management services offer good-enough protection, but highly regulated industries such as finance, banking, insurance, and health care, need higher levels of assurance for risk management and compliance. The organizations now have the opportunity to get security right, and give themselves the best chances for a successful recovery.

Please read the full article in Cloud Management Insider.

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