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Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC): Three Easy Ways to Prepare

April 14, 2023

Melody Wood Melody Wood | Partner Solutions Marketing Manager, Thales More About This Author >

The infamous Y2K “disaster” was successfully averted because people paid heed and prepared well in advance. Likewise, many Post-Quantum Computing (PCQ) security concerns can be addressed ahead of time with proper planning. Organizations that rely on data security and protection need to start preparing and refining strategies immediately. As quantum computing becomes more widespread, standard public key cryptography will become vulnerable to data hacks. Additionally, anything relying on this same cryptographic integrity (such as IoT devices, code signing, or other applications) will also become exposed.

While PQC preparations can be intimidating, we recommend three easy ways to get started:

Step 1 – Evaluate your risk

Take this free PQC Risk Assessment to get a handle on your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Step 2 – Identity which vendors can help

A key ingredient in PQC preparation is the ability to support both legacy and post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. Thales and Keyfactor together have delivered proven key management and PKI solutions to ensure digital trust. They are both also ready to meet the needs of the upcoming PQC digital landscape to ensure crypto agility.

During Keyfactor’s recent Tech Days event (which Thales co-sponsored) Mark Thompson, SVP of Product Management, spoke about how Keyfactor’s product portfolio will transform the post-quantum world.

As mentioned in a colleague’s previous blog, Thales Luna Network HSM has already been successfully incorporated in PQC use cases. With the addition of a Thales Luna Functionality Module (FM) within Luna HSMs, support is now embedded for PQC algorithms, security-sensitive code, and isolation, all within the same tamper-protected persistent storage an HSM provides.

Step 3 – Learn more at RSA 2023

To help organizations understand how to establish digital trust in the Post-Quantum era, Thales and Keyfactor will be presenting their PQC strategies, what’s new in PKI innovations, and emerging use cases at RSA in San Francisco, CA. Please join us at “PQC Palooza” and in the Thales booth to learn more!