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Ransomware Attacks: The Constant and Evolving Cybersecurity Threat

March 12, 2024

Rajesh Gupta Rajesh Gupta | Director of Engineering More About This Author >

Enterprise data collection is skyrocketing, driven by factors like connected devices, cloud computing, personal data collection and digital transactions. It accounts for 25% of all data breaches. This presents a big challenge to all the organizations. Ransomware remains a constant and chilling threat. Businesses and individuals alike grapple with the fear of having their most precious data encrypted or stolen and held hostage, often for hefty sums. According to the 2023 Thales Data Threat Report, only 49% of organizations have a formal ransomware response plan.

In 2023, a significant portion of ransomware attacks prioritized data exposure over encryption, putting pressure on organizations to respond quickly to avoid public leaks. The recent ransomware attacks like 'Akira' and Hive breaches corporate networks, spreading laterally and exfiltrate critical data before encrypting files. It then threatens to publicly release the stolen data if the ransom is not paid.

Multi-layered security solutions incorporating advanced prevention, detection, and response tools are critical to secure system before it's too late. However, the sophistication of evolving ransomware attacks exposes the limitations of standard endpoint solutions. Further analysis of recent attacks like Black Basta, Play and LockBit proves that there is no specific pattern emerging among these attacks and they keep coming back with new signatures to avoid the detection.

Imagine a silent predator studying your defenses for months, waiting for the perfect moment to steal your most valuable data or render it unusable. That's the chilling reality of sophisticated ransomware attacks that bypass traditional detection.

While security measures are crucial, it's important to acknowledge that they operate primarily in hindsight. Security solutions relying solely on forensic analysis of system activity, attack patterns, and log activity analysis. Ransomware attackers are known to constantly adapt their methods, making it challenging to predict and prevent every attack leaving sensitive data vulnerable in the crucial early stages. This means that even with robust security, there's always a risk of data loss.

Deep data analysis emerges as a powerful weapon in our arsenal, offering critical insights to detect and prevent these malicious attacks in real-time. Through analyzing live data being read or written by various applications for modification, destruction and ex-filtration, empowers us to predict an attack and proactively block it without any data loss. Real time data anomaly detection algorithms like Mathematical Variance, Run-length compression, Significant weighted frequency detection, etc. can act as a digital guardian against various ransomware attacks. These algorithms scan for suspicious deviations from normal data behavior, such as unusual header alterations, high data entropy, unexpected file access attempts or unusual data access patterns.

By embracing live data analysis as a cornerstone of our cybersecurity strategy, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection solution from Thales Group can move beyond reactive defense and actively combat the evolving threat of ransomware. By identifying various anomalies, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection solution can trigger real-time alerts and block data access, providing valuable seconds to intervene and block access to data before encryption or data modification begins.

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection solution offers robust protection against a wide range of ransomware threats. Its advanced live data analysis capabilities are very effective against new and evolving ransomware attacks. However, no single solution is infallible, and a layered security approach is crucial for optimal protection.

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