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Real threats for real people - What has the pandemic taught us?

November 6, 2020

Neira Jones Neira Jones | Business Advisor More About This Author >

I am a serious podcast consumer.

Many times, like most people, I listen to the same podcasts, but every now and then, I look for something new.

So I was delighted to be invited to host the new Thales Security Sessions podcast and in my first episode I tackled some of the threats that are emerging as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

My guests for this episode were Todd Moore and Rick Robinson. Todd is the head of encryption products at Thales, and Rick is the principal and trusted advisor at Goldbug Technology Consulting.

We discussed the changing ways that corporations are working, and the threats surrounding this new remote office model. Some of the problems, such as the insider threat challenge have been extended far beyond the corporate perimeter. What can be done to counter this attack vector? Rick offered some specific, actionable steps towards reducing this attack path.

How has the pandemic affected the way a business must prepare for a disaster? Is it any different than any other disaster scenario? Too often, risk managers create plans that try to specify every possible contingency, both imaginable and fanciful. Rick and Todd offered some sound advice to keep your organization’s disaster recovery plan from running off the rails. In any instance, an effective business continuity plan should already cater for this scenario.

How can an InfoSec team make sure that the networks of their remote workforce are secure? What about all the possible data sprawl that can occur when your workforce is outside of the corporate network? What industry is most likely to be targeted as a result of the pandemic, and what do the threats look like? What are three topics that a CISO should be looking at as a priority?

These questions were answered directly in a brisk and engaging exchange of ideas. If you are a security podcast junkie, or are just starting to seek good security debate, you will not be disappointed with this new podcast.

I hope you enjoy listening to Episode 1: Real Threats for Real People. What Has the Pandemic Taught Us? and stay tuned for forthcoming episodes…they promise to be just as engaging!