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Stronger Together: Join Thales & Imperva at RSA Conference 2024 Where the World Talks Security

APRIL 25, 2024

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In today’s increasingly connected and digital world, the cybersecurity industry stands as a bastion against a relentless tide of threats. Businesses in every sector are trying to digitally transform their operations using the cloud but are finding themselves in an increasingly tangled web of challenges.

Adversaries lurk in the shadows, sophisticated and determined, honing their tools in the pursuit of financial gain. Nation states pivot with chilling precision towards any goal in their sights. Traditional defense boundaries have eroded due to the cloud and distributed workforces, which has seen the attack surface expand rapidly. And armed with ill intent, malefactors look for every crack or vulnerability to slither through, threatening the very fabric of digital trust.

Concurrently, enterprises struggle to fortify their defenses and adhere to myriad laws and regulations, hampered by a lack of security talent and silos of data security. The path forward demands technological expertise and a profound understanding of the shifting dynamics of power and the dangers in the digital age. Only by working together to address these challenges head-on can the industry hope to safeguard the integrity of our digital future.

Thales + Imperva: Security for What Matters Most

With this in mind, Thales and Imperva have come together as one company and at this year’s RSA Conference will demonstrate our ‘Stronger Together’ philosophy and how we offer data-centric security that spans applications, data, and identities.

Today, the benefits of vendor consolidation are clear. Businesses realize a lot of fog is created when too many security providers, each with a different point solution, are thrown into the ring. It’s all about running lean, and they want to cut back without losing the benefits and features these solutions bring to the table. The old proverb: “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” rings true. No company wants the inconvenience of learning a slew of different solutions, nor do they have the in-house skills to manage them effectively.

At RSA Conference, we will highlight how our joint solutions are helping customers address all these challenges by offering platforms the provide comprehensive solutions for the broadest range of application and data security, and identity use cases.

Conference attendees can explore Thales and Imperva’s latest demonstrations in application security, data security, and IAM technology, as well as partner presentations and the latest integrations. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one conversations with both Thales and Imperva experts to help them remain ahead of today's cyber threats.

Securing Software Supply Chains

Another session not to be missed is “Securing Software Supply Chain: Problems, Solutions and AI/ML Challenges,” on May 7 by Viswanath Chirravuri, Software Security Director at Thales. During this session, he will unpack the critical domain of software supply chain security, examining recent real-world attacks and the evolving attack surface.

Delegates can hear about the essential frameworks, standards, and references that are shaping this field, alongside the significance of software bill of materials (SBOM). They will also learn best practices for effective risk mitigation and explore the complex challenges posed by securing the modern, highly connected supply chain.

Post-Quantum Crypto

Attendees are also invited to get practical guidance for a post-quantum transformation by joining Thales, IBM, and Quantinuum’s briefing on post-quantum crypto on May 8. Themed “Quantum Leap: Insights and Approaches for a Post-Quantum World,” the presentation will delve into how, while cloud transformation is crucial, it lacks practical strategies to enhance digital immunity.

Businesses must arm themselves with the tools, policies, and people that provide robust crypto discovery for their networks, post-quantum implementations, and high-quality sources for entropy that run efficiently.

This session will be hosted by Antti Ropponen, Executive Partner, Global Data and Applications Security Services Leader at IBM, Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity at Quantinuum, and Thales Vice President, Data Security Products, Todd Moore.

Quantum Computing for Telecommunications

Also, on May 8, a panel will be on “Quantum Computing for Telecommunications.” This session will examine the quantum threats to telecommunication systems. Delegates can explore the reality of the migration challenge facing operators and vendors for telecommunications and cryptography. It will explain how an approach to a quantum-safe program of work and activities can keep customers and systems safe.

The session will be moderated by Emma Smith, Chief Information Security Officer at Vodafone. It will feature panelists Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow, IBM Quantum at IBM, Paul Hopkins, Head of Global Cyber Strategy & Secure by Design at Vodafone, and Blair Canavan, Director Alliances at Thales.

Future-proof your organization

One of the biggest highlights of the conference will be the Thales PQC Palooza 2024, happening on May 8 from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This is an exclusive post-quantum cryptography event where industry experts share their approaches to preparing for the post-quantum era to help IT and business leaders future-proof their organizations.

The keynote address will be delivered by industry luminary Dr. Taher Elgamal, considered the father of SSL, who will provide his unique perspective on cryptography and the upcoming PQC transformation. Moreover, a panel discussion will feature leading companies, including Wells Fargo, IBM, Accenture, DigiCert, Kyndryl, Keyfactor, Evolution, and more.

This is an invaluable opportunity for delegates to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded professionals in the field. You can register HERE.

Thales LIVE Sessions

From May 7-8, the Thales Booth will host LIVE Sessions, where attendees can learn more about the latest trends in API Security, CIAM, Data Security Platforms, Secrets Management, and many more. These will run every 30 minutes, and those who attend will be entered into a raffle and a chance to win prizes. Winners will be announced throughout the day.

Meet Thales at Booth N-6265

Thales can be found at Booth N-6265 for the duration of RSA - look at the Expo Floor Location Map. To get a free expo pass, enter the code 54STHALESXP upon registration.

For a Full Conference pass, enter the code 52FCDTHALES to get $150 off the current full conference pass rate.