Beyond Zero Trust: The Future of Continuous and Granular Access

October 6, 2021

About this webinar

The concept of Zero Trust security is not new. The term itself was coined more than a decade ago at Forrester with a general premise that all network traffic should be considered untrusted. Over the years we have seen refinements to this idea by Google in their BeyondCorp publication, Gartner in their definition of CARTA framework, and to complete the circle by Forrester again in Zero Trust eXtended report that explained Zero Trust in the light of current cybersecurity challenges. One of these challenges is fine grained and continuous access to resources and data.

This Talk will review the history of Zero Trust and then explore how Zero Trust applies to continuous authentication and access. We will discuss the historical trends that have shaped our authentication evolution, and then look at Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) a nascent but promising technology that can fundamentally change how we define and implement Zero Trust in web applications. The role of major players in this effort, such as Thales and Google will be explained.