Did you know there is a better way to secure your critical data network?

May 26, 2021

For many of us, securing our core data network using good old TLS, IPSEC, MACsec etc. low-assurance encryption, that is embedded in existing router, firewall or SDWAN devices, is adequate. However, some of us, face risks and attacks from well-resourced or technically knowledgeable actors that are experienced in compromising commercial network security.


If this is you or your organisation, join us at Thales as we share with you a more secure, yet easy way to protect your critical data network without compromising speed, latency, efficiency or dare we say it, budget.



  • How to identify whether network independent high-speed encryption or plain old network security will suffice?
  • What exactly is network independent encryption and why is it easy to deploy and operate across existing core data networks?
  • What level of security certification or accreditation is achievable from network independent encryption?
  • Why is network independent encryption considered “affordable” versus enabling embedded commercial network security?
  • Why is cryptographic agility so important in addressing emerging threats such as state sponsored cyber attacks and quantum computing?


Date: Wednesday, May 26th



Live Webinar