Security On-Demand: Making Cloud Services Work for You

November 17, 2021

Cloud services are everywhere. Beyond the major cloud service providers – AWS, Azure and Google - and their broad software, infrastructure and platform as a services offerings, there are a range of other marketplaces offering aggregated services for a variety of different services including security across multiple vendor and multicloud/hybrid offerings. Data protection and key management, once an only in-house operation, is now being shared, or even fully outsourced to experts, to teams who know best how to do it, allowing organizations to focus on their core business. Simpler, more cost-effective, on-demand options that allow the organization to focus on its business, knowing that their data is securely under control, and only they have control of the keys to that data, is redefining the way organizations do data protection. Find out more about cloud security services, how to leverage cloud based marketplaces to achieve maximum benefit for your organization in a multicloud and hybrid world.

Date: Wednesday, November 17th
Time: 12:45 pm