Federal Government Civilian Agencies

Vormetric Data Security solutions help Federal Civilian Agencies comply with all requirements wherever they keep data.


Managers of Federal Civilian Agencies face a dizzying array of data security needs general to all government Agencies and Departments and specific to those dealing with civilian issues.

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  • Solutions
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Civilian agency security issues include:

  • Insider threats, such as those illustrated by Snowden and Manning
  • Stolen credentials
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • Protecting data that impacts our critical infrastructure, such as that involved in managing the flow of energy, water, food, financial, and political resources that affect the lives of our citizens at a local and national level

Agency Operations

Civilian agency operational requirements include:

  • The need for scalability
  • The need to move to the Cloud


Civilian agencies are subject to the standard information security compliance requirements of Federal Government agencies as well as some specific to them, such as:

  • Securing civilian personal identification information (PII)
  • Securing personal healthcare information

Thales Solutions Overview

Vormetric Data Security solutions help Federal Civilian Agencies meet these requirements wherever they keep data through:

  1. Securing unstructured data such as Office files, Sharepoint repositories, Exchange, Virtual desktop instances in an encrypted container
  2. Policy driven access to data for civilian employees and contractors while eliminating access by Root and Sys Admin roles
  3. Delivering critical transactional and behavioral information that feeds into enterprise event management systems such as; Splunk, Arcsight, Nitro, LogRythm
  4. Tokenization and masking

The Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform is an extensible infrastructure that delivers centralized key and policy management for a suite of data security solutions that secure your organization’s sensitive and regulated data wherever it resides.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption provides file and volume level data-at-rest encryption, secure key management and access controls required by regulation and compliance regimes.


Thales information security compliance solutions are designed to help you comply with:

Quick and Easy to Install No Matter what your OS

Thales works with Federal Agencies to install its Data Security solutions in weeks rather than months. The Thales solutions work with most major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX and Windows servers in physical, virtual, cloud and big data environments.

Easy to Use

Vormetric Data Security makes it simple to solve security and compliance concerns by simultaneously defending data in databases, files and Big Data nodes across public, private, hybrid clouds and traditional infrastructures. Central management of the entire data security platform makes it easy to extend data security protection and satisfy compliance requirements across the entire Agency, growing as required, without adding new hardware or increasing operational burdens.